If you are interested in becoming a Team Representative,  please send the following information to John Flannery:

Cell #
Team wishing to represent

The Campus Athletic Coordinator or each Head Coach will identify a team representative for their respective athletic group.  Team representatives are vital to the over-all success of George Ranch Athletics.

  • Team representatives may not represent more than one sport.
  • Team representatives serve for one (1) school year and may serve consecutive terms.
  • Executive Board members may not be a permanent team representative.
  • Three (3) team representatives will be selected by the Campus Athletic Coordinator to become voting members of the Longhorn Club Board of Directors. One (1) representative will be selected from each of the seasonal (Fall, Winter and Spring) athletic groups.


Team Representative Duties:

  • Team representatives act as conduits between the coaches, parents and the Longhorn Club to identify specific needs requiring Longhorn Club assistance.
  • Team representatives must be a member of the Longhorn Club in good standing AND attend Longhorn Club general membership meetings.
  • Actively recruit eligible people to join the Longhorn Club.
  • Recruit volunteers to work at Longhorn Club fund raising events.
  • Coordinate specific athletic team fund-raising activities.
  • Act as an information conduit between the Longhorn Club and their athletic teams’ parents.
  • Maintain an updated comprehensive parent’s distribution mailing (e-Mail) list for the team sports program, as well as individual teams lists (including Varsity, JV & Freshman).
  • Act as an ambassador for George Ranch High School programs in general and specifically for the Longhorn Club.
  • Provide the Longhorn Club with a list of all team members and pictures for the Sports Award Night program.
  • Provide news stories and photographs of their teams to be posted on the LONGHORN CLUB web site and for inclusion in periodic newsletters.
  • Coordinate with their seasonal athletic group Board Member, the Hospitality committee chairperson and the Executive Board Secretary to facilitate the seasonal Sports Award Night program
  • There are too many duties for any Team Representative to successfully compete them all alone. Recruiting assistance from and coordination with team parents and supporters is a must.