Last night the Longhorn Aquatics team destroyed Dulles and Foster High Schools. The final scores on the men’s side were GRHS 273, Dulles 189, and Foster 75. The final scores on the women’s side were GRHS 271,Dulles 161, and Foster 90. Top Three finishes included:

First Place

The girls A 200 Medley Relay: Shelby Sparacino, Alexis Aikens, Elizabeth Davis, and Jessica Webb

The boys A 200 Medley Relay: Blake Grote, Sean Mangel, Michael Dziuk, and Cody Moore

Chandler LeMaire Boys 200 Freestyle

Elizabeth Davis Girls 200 Individual Medley and 100 butterfly

Rachel Reed Girls 50 freestyle

Cody Moore Boys 50 and 100 freestyle

Sharon Buesking Girls 1 meter diving

Michael Dziuk boys 100 butterfly

Shelby Sparacino girls 100 freestyle

Alexis Aikens girls 500 freestyle and 100 breaststroke

The boys A 200 freestylerelay: Micahel Dziuk, Chandler LeMaire, Evan Murray, and Robbie Valdez

The girls A 400 freestyle relay: Alexis Aikens, Shelbi Mangel, Elizabeth Davis, and Shelbi Sparacino

Second Place

Blake Grote Boys 200 Individual Medley

Robbie Valdez boys 50 and 100 freestyle

Haley Hepp girls 1 meter diving

Colby Reed boys 1 meter diving

Shelbi Mangel Girls 100 freestyle

Elizabeth Holzhuter girls 500 freestyle

Han Ooi Boys 500 freestyle

The girls A 200freestyle relay: Maddie Kuebker, Jessica Webb, Rachel Reed, and Shelbi Mangel

The boys B 200 freestyle relay: Blake Grote, Han Ooi, Justin Cochran, and Christopher Mueller

Shelby Sparacino girls 100 backstroke

Evan Murray boys 100 backstroke

Ashley Hartensteiner Girls 100 breaststroke

Sean Mangel boys 100 breaststroke

The boys A 400 freestyle relay: Cody Moore, Robbie Valdez, Sean Mangel, and Chander LeMaire

Third Place

The Girls B 200 Medley Relay: Julia Triesch, Ashley Hartensteiner, Rachel Lapierre, and Kristina Gomez

Rachel Reed Girls 200 freestyle

Jessica Webb girls 50 and 100 freestyle

Jonathan Martinez boys 1 meter diving

Evan Murray boys 100 freestyle

Blake Grote boys 100 butterfly

David Kvinta boys 500 freestyle

The Girls B 200 Freestyle Relay: Julia Triesch, Katie Gorka, Rachel Lapierre, and Elizabeth Holzhuter

Julia Triesch girls 100 backstroke

The girls C 400 freestyle relay: Willow McGuane, Alex Sanchez, Elliet Reed, and Katie Gorka

The boys B 400 freestyle Relay: Thomas Griffiths, Chris Mueller, Blake Grote, and Han Ooi

Great job, Longhorns!