The varsity Longhorn girls’ basketball team traveled to Baytown on Thursday in their first tournament of the year to take on the Yellow Jackets of Galena Park. The Longhorns came up with a huge win with a score of 44-17. Ashley Ng had a spectacular performance shooting 50% from behind the 3-point line with 14 points, and 6 steals. Diamond Hosey and Olivia West also added to the Longhorn effort, each scoring 8 points. Hosey pulled down 9 rebounds and had 4 steals, while West had 6 rebounds. On Friday, the girls fell to Angleton in a close game by a score of 62-56. The Longhorns were led by Hosey with 16 points and Rachel Loosbrock with 9. Kendall Bess added 4 blocks to the Longhorn effort. The girls will travel to Ridge Point tomorrow to take on the Panthers. Good luck, ladies!