Freshman A – The Freshman A team defeated the Cinco Ranch Cougars by a score of 40-29 last Tuesday. Chris Oliver carried the team with his great leadership and great passing. Colbie Barnes dominated in the paint and rebounded like a monster. They won an exciting game on Friday against the Angleton Wildcats by a score of 62-48. The team trailed by 9 points at halftime, and went on to start the 2nd half on a 23-0 run. Chris Oliver led the team with 4 three-pointers. This brings the team’s overall record to 8-4 and district record to 1-0.

Freshman B – The Freshman B team lost on Tuesday against Cinco Ranch. The leading scorer was Josh Scruggs with 13. The defense was led by Mikel Onu and Kenny Ransom. On Friday, the Freshman B won 54-37 against the Angleton Wildcats. The leading scorers were Josh Scruggs and Mikel Onu both with 17. The defense was led by Josh Stevens and Justin Joyner. This brings their record to 3-1. The Longhorns play at home on Tuesday against Lamar Consolidated.

Sophomore – The Longhorn sophomore team defeated Cinco Ranch Tuesday by a score of 48-44. the Longhorns were led by Mike Ugo with 12 and Francis Ezenwa with 10. The team played great defense holding Cinco Ranch scoreless in the overtime period.

JV – The JV team lost a close game to the Cinco Ranch Cougars last Tuesday by a score of 51-48. The team was led by great defense from Reggie Solomon. Evan Murray also rebounded well and scored in the paint. The JV team defeated the Angleton Wildcats on Friday in a very close game by the score of 59-58. The team played great defense to come back from an early 10 point deficit. Korey Joseph and Reggie Solomon led the team with great hustle and great steals. The team’s district record is now 1-0.

Varsity – The Varsity basketball team lost a hard fought game to the Cinco Ranch Cougars last Tuesday by a score of 62-47. Lennox Jones led the team with his hustle and great defense. E.J. also played well scoring 9 points and controlling the team. On Friday, Varsity lost a very tough game to the Angleton Wildcats with a score of 69-58. The team led the first 3 quarters, but could not find a way to put the Wildcats away in the 4th. Jordan Sanders sparked the team with 22 points. The team’s district record is now 0-1.