Julia Lane is a student at George Ranch High School who was recently diagnosed with nasal pharyngeal undifferentiated carcinoma, and is now fighting a battle for her life against cancer. She is a senior and head cheerleader at GRHS, as well as a competitive cheerleader outside of school. She is a very bright and talented young lady both academically and athletically.

Julia was on the drill team at Lamar High School her freshman year and then transferred to GRHS and was a Lariette her sophomore year. She then realized that cheerleading is where her heart lied, so she tried out and made the GRHS cheerleading squad her Junior year. As the school squad was a competitive team that year, she became involved in All Star Cheergym and started competing on their level 5 all-star team, Strikers. Her senior year, she made head cheerleader at GRHS and moved to compete with Apex All-Stars. She is on a level 5 team there and she enjoys every second of it. Cheerleading is truly her passion!

Less than a year ago, Julia tore her Achilles heel and ever since her surgery, things have gone downhill. About six months ago, Julia noticed a lump on the left side of her neck. She went to the emergency room and she had to have fluid that was in her lymphoid drained. She also contracted shingles about this time, and multiple other little side effects. The swelling around her throat went down for a few months and then returned. Over the holidays, her neck started bothering her again along with the swelling, so she went to a specialist. The doctor admitted her to the hospital and during her stay, she was diagnosed with cancer. After multiple tests, it was determined to be nasal pharyngeal undifferentiated carcinoma.

The cancer originated in her nasal passage behind her nose and has spread to the lymphoids in her neck on both sides. Julia will be going through chemotherapy for about 9 weeks and then she will go through radiation for about 7 weeks. So she has a long 16 weeks ahead of her. She is doing all of her treatments downtown at MD Anderson.

We are trying to raise money to help Julia’s family with all the medical expenses and traveling costs to and from MD Anderson. We are selling T-Shirts and bracelets to help support Julia and her fight. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as this is very difficult time for her and her family.

Throughout this process, Julia will be going through many different phases and possible changes due to treatment. It is hoped and asked that everyone is supportive of any and every stage along her way to recovery, as a positive environment could help her fight her battle and be CANCER FREE!!! Thanks for your thought, time, and donations as this is a great cause to help a sweet young lady.

Make donations and order t-shirts online at www.joyforjulia.com!