On Saturday the junior varsity swimming team competed in their first district championship. The boys finished 3rd and girls finished 4th.



Relay Results

Second place:

The girls 200 freestyle relay: Lydia Masters, Zena Gittens, Carolina Perez, and Kristina Gomez

The boys medley relay: Miguel Garza, Kyle Krush, Alec Munoz and Justin Treadwell.

The boys 200 freestyle relay: Kyle Krush, Justin Treadwell, Esteban Perez, and Alec Munoz

The boys 400 freestyle relay: Miguel Garza, Esteban Perez, Justin Treadwell, and Alec Munoz

Fourth Place:

The girls 400 freestyle relay: Carolina Perez, Hannah Haver, Zena Gittens, and Kristina Gomez

Individual Results

Kyle Krush 3rd place boys 200 IM and 6th place boys 50 freestyle

Kristina Gomez 2nd place girls 50 freestyle, 8th place girls 100 freestyle

Lydia Masters 4th place girls 50 freestyle, 3rd place girls 100 backstroke

Hannah Haver 14th place girls 50 freestyle, 6th place girls 100 breaststroke

Carolina Perez 10th place girls 50 freestyle

Alex Munoz 2nd place boys 100 butterfly

Esteban Perez 8th Place boys 100 freestyle

Miguel Garza 11th place boys 100 freestyle, 3rd place boys 100 backstroke

Zena Gittens 9th place girls 100 breaststroke

Justin Treadwell 6th place boys 100 breaststroke

Great job this year, JV team! Go Longhorns!