The GRHS girls’ track team fought a hard battle and came home with runner-up honors in the District 23-4A meet. The following athletes will represent George Ranch in the Regional meet on April 26 & 27: Brennan Flannery, Ellie Gonzales, Rachel Lapierre, Ezinne Eke, Geordann Yelder, Otito Omeludike, Chigozie Ogbonna, Lily Egege, Heather Haig.

The following results are from the District 23-4A meet:

Shot put: 3rd- Brennan Flannery

Discus: 2nd- Brennan Flannery

Long Jump: 4th- Otito Omeludike; 6th- Enaya White

High Jump: 3rd- Rachel Lapierre; 5th- Jenna Hancock

Pole Vault: 2nd Ellie Gonzales

Triple Jump: 3rd- Otito Omeludike; 6th Enaya White

400M Relay: 3rd: Chigozie Ogbonna, A’Leah Hudson, Aja Willis, Mikala Everett

800 M run: 2nd- Ezinne Eke; 3rd- Alexis Aikens

100 M dash- 5th- Mikala Everett; 6th – A’Leah Hudson

800 M Relay: Aja Willis, Latricia Dozier, Geordann Yelder, Mikala Everett

400 M Dash: 1st Chigozie Ogbonna; 2nd- Otito Omeludike

200 M Dash: 2nd- Geordann Yelder; 6th- Aja Willis

Mile Run: 2nd- Heather Haig; 5th- Alexis Aikens

Mile Relay: 1st- Lily Egege, Otito Omeludike, Geordann Yelder, Chigozie Ogbonna