On Tuesday, the Longhorn JV and Freshman tennis teams competed in the District Tennis Tournament. Overall the teams did very well. Top finishers include:

JV Girls Singles

Grace Gallagher – 3rd Place


JV Girls Doubles

Marisol Hernandez and Danya Garcia – 2nd Place

Nicole Stevenson and Taylor Ludwig – 4th Place


JV Boys Singles

Chris Blanco – 1st Place

Vincent Metoyer – 3rd Place

Odigie Igene – 4th Place


JV Boys Doubles

Grant Holly and Scott McNally – 1st Place

Will Reddall and Mark Kilday – 2nd Place

Deshawn Franklin and Jeff Koop – 3rd Place

Caleb Mittank and Fernando Prado – 4th Place


JV Mixed Doubles

Julianne Bourgeios and Tony Nguyen – 1st Place

Marianna Brandon and James Juat – 4th Place


Freshman Boys Singles

Cole Jackson – 1st Place

Trevor Sellers – 4th Place


Freshman Boys Doubles

Noah Joe and Jonathan Dennis – 1st Place

Bryce McKinnon and Andrew Wong – 4th Place


Congratulations to all the players on a great year!