JV Black – The JV Black wrestling team competed in the Falcon Classic this past Saturday. They finished 9th overall. Jordan Kendall and Jackson Figenshaw placed 6th; Brandon Yarbrough placed 4th; and Weston Calderwood placed 2nd.

JV Maroon – The JV Maroon wrestling team was very impressive at the Falcon Classic at Foster HS this past Saturday. The Longhorns were the tournament champions with 206 points, which was 70 points ahead of 2nd place Foster. The Longhorns’ 206 points was also the highest total out of all three divisions: JV, varsity boys and varsity girls. Placing 6th for the Longhorns were Brandon Johnson and Rene Martinez. Placing 5th were Bailey Reyhons, Craig Rubio and Carter Feldhoff. Placing 3rd were Michael Corvo, Brad Cross and Zyon Savery. Placing 2nd were Dante Giordano, Jordan Ramirez and Mikey Elkhoury. The tournament champions for the Longhorns were Alex Aronson and Ricky Boehck. Congrats, guys!

Girls’ Varsity – The women’s varsity wrestling team took part in the Falcon Classic wrestling tournament at Foster HS on Saturday. The ladies finished 3rd overall with 83 points, which was just one point behind 2nd place Cy Falls. Placing in 6th was Felicia Estrada. Placing in 5th was Diana Luong. Placing in 4th were Mariana Castaneda and Shekina Bonner-Spiller. Placing in 3rd was Alanis Ventura. Placing in second was Loren Braun. The tournament champions for the Longhorns were Alexandra Sanchez and Cyrena Maldonado. Congratulations!

Varsity – The men’s varsity wrestling team traveled north to participate in the Foster HS Falcon Classic wrestling tournament. The Longhorns finished 3rd overall behind 1st place Leander Rouse and 2nd place Cy Lakes. Placing 6th for the Longhorns was Nick Tripicchio. Placing 4th were Alex Chartier, Garrett Brinneman, Joey Minkel and Daniel Valdez. Placing 3rd were Josh Marine and Ryan Tse. Placing 2nd was Nick Ramirez. The tournament champion for the Longhorns was Corey Chartier. Way to go!