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Family Lone Star Members

Shane and Amy Burden

Mark and Deb Ellefson

Cindy and Henry Luu

Candace and Steve Shaver

Family Platinum Members

Cheryl and Larry Chartier

Rick and Ginger Dernehl

John and Kristi Flannery

Donnie and Kimi Heckler

Terry and Catherine Lyons

Chris and Wren Ripoll

Family Gold Members

Chris and Sandra Adair

Brian and Jennifer Anderson

LeRoy and Erika Franklin

Jeff and Shelli Galvan

Rick and Jennifer Jetton

Denise Lanik

Suzanne and Steve Mangel

Eddie and Vanessa Morris

Patrick and Tanna Ricci

Shawn and Amber Smith

Tom and Carol Terrando

Bill and Jill Underhill

Patrick and Suzanne Varni

Family Silver Members

Tommy and JoAnn Abraham

Vince and Lisa Arnold

Bryan and Lisa Bean

David and Sharon Boehm

Scott and Juliet Breeze

Nieve Briones

Charlie and Laura Bryant

James and Elizabeth Burger

Tracey Cabucio

Brad and Kim Cooper

Kevin & Cheryl Duesterhoft

Maria and Ronnie Garza

Kevin and Susan Groppe

Greg and Sheri Hardin

Trisha and Charlie Hunton

Douglas and Kimberly Jasek

Garmond and Helen Joe

Evan and Denise Johansen

Kristin Jones

Mark and Rhonda Joyner

Les and Lisa Kilday

Michelle and Rick Kopps

Michael and Lynette Kuznar

Lisa Marrufo

Michael and Staci Martinez

Jeff and Missy McClellan

Don and Connie McGee

Kinkaid and Tanya McManus

Linda and Mike Meagher

Julie Moore

Taylor and Valerie Nguyen

Linda Pearson

Sonya Ramirez-Quintero

Matt and Kimberly Reyhons

Cindy Saha

Wade and Donna Schwake

Johnny and Carolyn Sellers

Sonia and Trey Storer

Michael Tennon

Lee and Jennifer Thornton

Stacie and Steven Tovar

Bill and Dee Ann Ward

Lisa and Colin Watson

Family Bronze Members

Chris and Elaine Ayinde

Gary and Patti Ballone

Debbie and Ken Bourgeois

Karen and Rick Brinneman

Vivian Buesking

Josh Connealy

Rosemary and Kenneth Cunningham

Brian and Stephaney Davis

Stephanie Galvan

Mark and Janie Hanna

Tracie De Jarnette-Holly

Kim and Paul Figenshaw

Stacy and Marty Fojtik

Omega Fosten

Bill and Amy Garrey

Sean and Jackie Grace

David Gray

Stephanie and Andy Grote

Angie and Brian Hall

Lynne Jackson

Deborah Janecek

Ryan and Valerie Johnson

Mark and D’Ann Lavine

Jim and Vicki Loskie

Connie Maier

Diana Martinez

Tara Masters

Deatra Matthews and Robert Ratcliff

Stephanie Matthews

Nicole and Carl Merta

Dan and Babette Messick

Kelly and Larry Morton

Bill Murray

Jennifer O’Brien

Bruce and France Redies

Christy Reed

William and Cheryl Robinson

Albert and Yvette Salazar

Russ and Len Schmitt

Larry and Wendy Schultz

Scott and Angela Schultz

Chester and Carrie Sims

Shannon Sparacino

Stefanie Telford

Debbie and Kirk Templin

Michael and Michelle Triesch

Susan and Warner Tse

Kim and Randy Voehl

Alan and Donna Vrba

Melissa Waldschmidt

Barry and Karen Williams

Jana and Scott Yeager

Ruben and Stella Zamora

Family Maroon and Black Members

Nikki Agner

Lisa Alexander

Shane and Joellen Ameen

Amanda Arlund

Adriana Baoubel

Michele Beard

Martin and Melissa Blanco

Scott and Kathy Blazek

Beth Boudreaux

Wayne and Pamela Brown

Lance and Gina Burkett

Greg and Ann Campbell

Ann Cantu

Grace and Gordon Carlson

Maria Cervantes

Scott and Kelly Cherry

Kelly Chester

Diana Clark

Glen and Lori Coker

Cori Cortez

Glen and Natalie Curtis

Mike and Christina Davis

Sarah Davis

Jacques DeRouen

Michelle and Craig DeSerf

Ken and Jennifer Dewey

Jeffrey and Becky Dziuk

Gwen Elkins

David and Kim Feldhoff

Dedra Ferguson

Cheyanne Forshee

Becky Foster

Deanna and Doug Fuqua

Gabriel Garza

Chris and Scott Ginkens

G & E Gonzales

Elsa Gonzales

Elizabeth Gonzalez

Christine and Carlton Gore

Melissa Gorman

Maryellen Greene

Versey Greenwood

Tamara Greer

Helen Griffiths

Rachel Guidry

Lisa and Fred Hackett

Jennifer Haldiman

Trisha Hardee

Darrell Harris

Shannon Hartman

Kim and Pete Harvey

Monica Hasty

Christopher Heikkila

Susan Hinz

Donna and Darrell Hirsch

Toby and Debbie Holzhuter

Paul and Terry Hydo

Joycelle Hunter-King

John and Jan Kvinta

Brad and Alexis Jackson

Debbie and Jeff Jackson

Douglas and Kimberly Jasek

Anne and Tom Jasien

Steve Jaskolski

Rhonda and Von Jones

Alyssa Kastens

Lori and William Kendall

Ashley and Brian Kennedy

Jolynn and Steve Knizner

Michelle and David Koerth

Carol and Nick Kostelnik

Traci and Robert Krush

Lainey Kurmadas

Jennifer Lester

Jeff and Pam Liang

Catherine Linton

Richard and Diana Logan

Alexander and Mary Kathleen Lord

Nina Loyd

Robert and Rosalinda Lujan

Paul and Caren Markee

Clyde and Tonya Marks

Raymond and Vilma Martinez

Amy and Marshal McInnis

Angie McKnight

Yvonne Medrano

Maria Metoyer

Jenny Miller

Marcie Money

Lisa and David Moore

Michael Morrow

Lourdes Mueller

Cara Murray

Mary Kay and Steve Nelson

Brant and Janet North

Jill and Marvis Odia

Shan Oliver

Stephanie and Pat O’Reilly

Eric Parnell

Pat and Renay Patin

Tom and Amy Pearson

Rebekah Pickering

Dawn Pounders

Denise Price

Frank and Valerie Priest

Mary Quinby

Jackie and Raul Garcia-Rameau

Rudy and JJ Ramirez

Melissa Rech

Michelle Rhone

Lois and Patrick Ricci

Sherrill Rothmier

Laura Scarlato

Trish and Gary Sellers

Emily Sereno

Cheryl and Mike Shafer

Natasya and Patrick Shannon

Sofia and Nadeem Sheikh

Brenda and Kevin Shook

Chris and Darla Steubing

Pam and Lance Stewart

Zahida Sultan

Chip and Cindy Sutton

Jill and John Thaxton

Ben and McCourt Thomas

Everett Timberlake

Sandra and Troy Tondre

John and Christina Vasquez

Brenda Vega

Andy and Sandra Velasquez

Julie and Chris Villareal

Shannon Voelkel

Noreen Weaver

Eddie and Stephanie West

Lisa Wilson

Reagan Woodard

Mike and Paula Zamora

Eloise and Julius Zatopek

Alumni Members

Brennan Flannery | Class of 2013

Patrick Ricci | Class of 2013