wrestlingThe Longhorn women’s wrestling team traveled to College Station HS to take on some of the best women’s teams in Central Texas at the Cougar Draw. Our Longhorns came away with the tournament championship. Placing for the Longhorns were in 3rd: Stephanie Trevino, Lydia Masters and Nicole Brandborg. In 2nd: Diana Luong, Shekina Bonner-Spiller and Olivia Kirby. Placing 1st were Alanis Ventura and Jac-Quyra McDade. The women will travel to Katy Taylor on Wednesday.

The Longhorn men’s Varsity and JV wrestling teams competed at the Cougar Draw in College Station. Placing for the Varsity were Myles West in 4th, Zach Jackson in 3rd and Ricky Boehck in 2nd. Placing for the JV were Joaquin Guerrero in 4th; Tyler Sanders, Jacob Detiveaux and Kurt Pelletier in 3rd; Jared Rivas, Gabriel Suchanek and Karson Niemann in 2nd; and placing 1st were Nathan Hernandez and Braden Bean. The boys will travel to Katy Taylor on Wednesday night.