soccerThe Longhorns continued their drive toward a district championship by sweeping the lady Wildcats. The Girls JV mounded to 3 and 0 in district winning 4-1. The goals were scored by Laura Cardenas and Emma Carlson with 2 each. Assisting their goals were Noely Hernandez, Emma Carlson, Grace Ramirez and Lara Olabisi. The defense was led by Ashley Vega and Carson Yanta. The varsity girls followed suit by defeating the Wildcats 4-0. Shreya Desai, Jordan Shimaitis, Celeste Ruiz , and Taylor Rech all scored with Shana Hardin and Michelle Mills each assisting 1 goal each. Strong defensive play came from Kasey Davis and Marissa Vrba. The girls travel to Terry on Friday to finish the first round.