xctrackCongratulations to the Girls Junior Varsity as they continued their team champion winning streak at Terry Ranger Relays last week. Top 3 finishers in the 3200 were Alyssa Heikkila placing 1st, Ramsa Kazi 2nd and Cami Lidisky 3rd. In the girls 4 by 100 relay, the girls placed 2nd with Savannah Creech, Caitlyne Hargrove, Harmony Harris and Annalisse Thompson. In the girls 800 meters, Ava Breeze placed 2nd overall and Rylee Salazar placed 3rd. In the girls 100 meter hurdles, Kayla Randon won the event. In the girls 100 meters, Caitlyne Hargrove placed 2nd and Sharrell Odems placed 3rd. The girls 4 by 200 meters won the event with Kaitlyne Kador, Savannah Creech, Annalisse Thompson and Harmony Harris. In the girls 400 meters, Stephanie Chukwu placed 2nd. In the girls 300 meters, Ava Breeze finished first and close behind he was teammate Kayla Randon with a 2nd place finish. In the girls 200 meters, Annalisse Thompson finished 3rd overall. In the girls 1600 meters, Alyssa Heikkila finished 1st and Rylee Salazar finished 2nd in that event. The girls 4 by 400 meter relay placed 1st with Amor Sheffield, Stephanie Chukwu, Savannah Creech and Grace Wahome. In field events, Stephanie Chukwu won and Robyn Chukwu placed 2nd. In girls long jump Sharrell Odems placed 1st overall. The girls compete today at Falcon Relays at Foster High School at 4:30pm.