GRHS Girls Wrestling

The Longhorn Wrestling’s girl’s varsity finished 5th in the District 11-6A Dual Tournament. Their final record was 3-4 with wins over Katy Taylor, Cinco Ranch and Katy Tompkins. Competing for George Ranch were Megan Braun, Madison Braun, Ava Breeze, Melody Joplin, Archie Cuaresma, Kaylie Perez, Carmela Casas, Annika Weber, Sahba Amjadian and JacQuyra McDade.

2016 District Wrestling

wrestlingThe results from the 2016 District 12-5A JV Boys‘ Championships are: 3rd place – Zyon Savery / 2nd place – Jacob Detiveaux, Stephan Hegger-Brager, Marc Ramirez, Gabriel Suchanek and Christian Villarreal / District Champions – Tyler Sanders, Jelony Richardson, Cameron Quashie, Preston Castellon, Reece Wailes and Ryan Underwood. The team finished 1st overall with 197 points!

The results from the 2016 District 12-5A Women’s Championships are: 3rd place – Rebecca Chapa, Stephanie Trevino and Shekina Bonner-Spiller / 2nd place – Diana Luong, Maria Cuaresma and Olivia Kirby / District Champions – Lydia Masters and Alanis Ventura. The team finished 2nd overall with 132 points!

The results from the 2016 District 12-5A Men’s Championships are: 4th place – Logan Escobedo and Aaron McGee / 3rd place – Justin Heuston, Jared Rivas and Myles West / 2nd place Zach Jackson, Andy Paul, Trent Harrell, Nathan Hernandez and Rene Martinez / District Champions – Reece Johnson, Hunter Rubio, Ricky Boehck and Colby Bonds. The team finished 1st overall with 231.5 points!

Wrestling in College Station

wrestlingThe Longhorn women’s wrestling team traveled to College Station HS to take on some of the best women’s teams in Central Texas at the Cougar Draw. Our Longhorns came away with the tournament championship. Placing for the Longhorns were in 3rd: Stephanie Trevino, Lydia Masters and Nicole Brandborg. In 2nd: Diana Luong, Shekina Bonner-Spiller and Olivia Kirby. Placing 1st were Alanis Ventura and Jac-Quyra McDade. The women will travel to Katy Taylor on Wednesday.

The Longhorn men’s Varsity and JV wrestling teams competed at the Cougar Draw in College Station. Placing for the Varsity were Myles West in 4th, Zach Jackson in 3rd and Ricky Boehck in 2nd. Placing for the JV were Joaquin Guerrero in 4th; Tyler Sanders, Jacob Detiveaux and Kurt Pelletier in 3rd; Jared Rivas, Gabriel Suchanek and Karson Niemann in 2nd; and placing 1st were Nathan Hernandez and Braden Bean. The boys will travel to Katy Taylor on Wednesday night.

Wrestling – 4th Annual Longhorn Invitational

wrestlingThis past Saturday the the Longhorn Wrestling program hosted 18 teams at it’s 4th annual Longhorn Invitational. The JV came in first overall. Placing for the JV were in 4th place: Preston Castellon and Cameron Quashie; 2nd place: Jared Rivas, Aaron McGee, Christian Villarreal and Karson Niemann; Tournament champions were Logan Escobedo and Garbiel Suchanek. The women’s Varsity came in 3rd overall. Placing for the girls were in 4th place: Stephanie Trevino, Grace Ramirez, Nicole Brandborg and Shekina Bonner-Spiller; Placing 3rd were Alanis Ventura, Maria Cuaresma, Jac-Quyra McDade and Jordan Martinez. Placing 2nd was Olivia Kirby; Tournament champion in her weight class was Diana Luong; The boys’ Varsity finished 8th overall; Placing 4th were Trent Harrell and Myles West; Placing 3rd were Reese Johnson, Zack Jackson, Ricky Boehck and Colby Bonds. The Longhorns will travel to College Station High School this Saturday to compete in the Cougar Draw.

Wrestling vs Friendswood/Katy Tompkins

The Longhorn Wrestling program held it’s Senior night last night. The Seniors who were honored were Shekina Bonner-Spiller, Cienna Cantu, Shelbi Mangel, Jordan Martinez, Lydia Masters, Chantel Togarepi, Zyon Savery, Cuyler Hendricks and Myles West. The Longhorn Varsity Boys defeated Friendswood but fell to Katy Tompkins. The Girls Varsity went 2-0 defeating both of the visiting teams in sound fashion. The match of the night was by Sophomore Nathan Hernandez in his first varsity match defeating Katy Tompkins 6-5 in a gutsy performance. The entire Longhorn program will be competing in it’s 4th annual Longhorn Invitational here at the Ranch on Saturday. Wrestling starts at 8:30 am and will run all day. Come out and support your Longhorns as they defend the Ranch from some of the best 5A programs in Southeast Texas.

Wrestling vs Katy Taylor

wrestlingThe JV Longhorn wrestlers hosted many outstanding programs at the Ranch Tuesday night. Though the JV are fewer in numbers this year they have great quality within the ranks. Those who separated themselves from the rest were Jack Brinneman, Justin Heuston, Sean Phillips and Reece Wailes.

The Longhorn wrestlers took on the Katy Taylor Mustangs last night. Even though they were handed their first loss of the season the Longhorns still managed to have outstanding performances by Lydia Masters, Alexis Alameda, Zach Jackson and Trent Harrell. All three divisions of Longhorn wrestling will be traveling north to the Falcon Classic on Saturday at Foster highschool. Wrestling starts at 8:30 am.

Longhorn Women’s Open Tournament

wrestlingThe Longhorn wrestling program hosted the 1st annual Longhorn Women’s Open Tournament this past Saturday. It was a great event that showcased the up and coming talent in our women’s wrestling program. In the Varsity division placing 7th was Grace Ramirez. Placing 6th was Nicole Brandborg. Placing 5th was Chantel Togarepi. Placing 4th were Shelbi Mangel and Rebeccca Chapa. Placing 3rd was Alanis Ventura. Placing 2nd was Maria Cuaresma. And our tournament champion was Diana Luong. In the JV divison Rebecca Paul placed 6th; Archie Cuaresma placed 4th; Kim Macedo placed 3rd; And Angelina Galvan, Alexis Alameda and Jordan Martinez placed 1st. The women will travel to Foster on Thursday night to take on the Falcons and Katy Taylor.

Wrestling Beats Brazoswood & Needville

wrestlingThe men’s wrestling team hosted Brazoswood HS last night. The Longhorns remain undefeated by coming out on top of Brazoswood 54-21. The Longhorns dominating performance was earned with wins from Andy Paul, Ricky Boehck, Trent Harrell, Myles West, Zach Jackson and Justin Heuston. Heavyweight, Rodrigo Alvarado continued his undefeated performance with a crushing pin. The men will travel to Foster next Thursday to take on the Falcons and Katy Taylor.
Longhorn women’s wrestler Diana Luong single handedly defeated Needville HS . Diana and the rest of the women wrestlers will be competing this Saturday in the Longhorn Women’s Open Tournament here at the Ranch.

Varsity Girl Wrestling Openings

wrestlingIf you are interested in competing for George Ranch in regional and state competition, the Longhorns are in need of women wrestlers for the 95, 102 and 110 pound weight classes. We currently have no one competing for the varsity at those weights. If you are interested please see Coach Kirby or email him at

JV Wrestling – Katy Tournament

wrestlingThe Longhorn JV wrestlers traveled to Katy this past Saturday to compete in the Katy Tompkins JV tournament. Placing 7th was Jack Brinneman. Placing 6th were Jacob Detiveaux, Marc Ramirez, Brayden Turner and Zakrey Johnson. Placing 5th were Bryan Penaloza, Preston Castellon and Gabriel Suchanek. Placing 2nd were Tyler Sanders, Justin Heuston, Dante Giordano and Ricky Boehck. Tournament champions were Zach Jackson, Hunter Rubio and Andy Paul. The Longhorn JV will compete next Saturday here at home in the Longhorn JV Open along with 17 other teams. Make sure to come out and support the JV wrestlers.