On Saturday, the Longhorns took to the court and defeated Wharton with a score of 15-4.   Winners of the day were Eric Beckenbach, Sean Sellers, Joey Ballone, Eric Duesterhoft, Neal Gallaher, Cole Jackson, Chris Blanco, Vincent Metoyer, William Reddall, Mark Kilday, Alessandra Jara, Anna Joy Jackson, Gina Bautista, Haley Schulte, Rachel Dziuk, Connie Do, Camille Saha, Sarah Curtis, Brittnie Tran, Cindy Chen, Grace Gallagher, and Kaitlin Neal.   The Longhorns take on Bay City tomorrow.   With a current 5-0 record in district, a win will solidify a second district championship for the varsity Longhorn tennis team!!!