The Longhorns got off to a slow start on Friday night against Goose Creek Memorial, but they poured it on as the game went on. The offense had big plays by several key players such Timon Nolan‘s 43-yard touchdown pass to Xavian Marks. Collins Kwabena had two touchdown runs, which included a 75-yarder. The young sophomore, Darius Anderson, also joined in on the fun by running an amazing 51-yard touchdown to seal the game. The Longhorns’ defensive line that included La Dontia Jones, Kingsley Keke, Matt Heinrich, and Braden Burns put pressure on Goose Creek the entire night. Melton Finley and Torin Marks both had interceptions. The final score was Longhorns 43, Goose Creek 0.   Join the Longhorns this Thursday as they take on the Hastings Bears @ Traylor stadium at 7:00pm.