The Longhorn Aquatic teams competed in a dual meet against Foster and FB Austin last Thursday. The boys’ team captured 1st place against Foster and Austin. The girls team captured 1st place against Foster and were 2nd place behind Austin. The boys broke pool records in the 200 medley relay, 200 freestyle relay and the 100 breast. The Aquatic team will travel to Corpus Christi on November 22 – 23 to compete in the CCISD TISCA Invitational Meet.


First Place finishers included:
Boys A 200 medley relay: Blake Grote, Sean Mangel, Michael Dziuk, and Cody Moore
Boys 50 freestyle: Cody Moore
Boys 100 butterfly: Michael Dziuk
Boys 100 freestyle: Cody Moore
Girls 500 freestyle: Emily Derouen
Boys 200 A freestyle relay: Robbie Valdez, Patrick Garcia, Blake Grote, and Cody Moore
Boys 100 backstroke: Blake Grote
Boys 100 breaststroke: Sean Mangel
Boys A 400 freestyle relay: Patrick Garcia, Aaron Oreilly, David Kvinta and Robby Valdez

Second Place finishers included:
Girls A medley relay: Elizabeth Davis, Alexis Aikens, Emily Derouen, and Riley Murray
Girls 200 freestyle: Alexis Aikens
Boys 200 freestyle: Michael Dziuk
Boys 200 IM: David Kvinta
Boys 50 freestyle: Sean Mangel
Girls 1 meter diving: Haley Hepp
Boys 1 meter diving: Colby Reed
Boys 100 butterfly: Thomas Griffiths
Girls 500 freestyle: Katie Gorka
Girls A 200 freestyle relay: Carly Thome, Shelbi Mangel, Charlotte Johanson, and Alexis Aikens
Boys B 200 freestyle relay: Thomas Griffiths, Michael Dziuk, Christopher Mueller, and Sean Mangel
Girls 100 backstroke: Riley Murray
Girls A 400 freestyle relay: Shelbi Mangel, Elizabeth Davis, Charlotte Johanson, and Riley Murray

Third Place finishers included:
Boys B medley relay: Thomas Griffiths, David Kvinta, Aaron Oreilly, Han Ooi
Boys 200 freestyle: Han Ooi
Girls 200 IM: Elizabeth Davis
Boys 200 IM: Blake Grote
Girls 50 freestyle: Riley Murray
Boys 50 freestyle: Patrick Garcia
Girls 1 meter diving: Paige Holstein
Boys 1 meter diving: Evan Vasquez
Girls 100 butterfly: Elizabeth Holzhuter
Boys 100 butterfly: Kyle Krush
Boys 100 freestyle: Aaron Oreilly
Girls 500 freestyle: Elizabeth Holzhuter
Boys 500 freestyle: Han Ooi
Girls 200 B freestyle relay: Bailey Smith, Elizabeth Markee, Jessica Webb, and Katie Gorka
Girls 100 backstroke: Jessica Webb
Boys 100 backstroke: Jacob Gamble
Boys 100 breaststroke: David Kvinta
Girls B 400 freestyle relay: Madison Kuebker, Emily Derouen, Katie Gorka, and Carly Thome
Boys B 400 freestyle relay: Han Ooi, Kyle Krush, Andrew Greene, and Christopher Mueller