The George Ranch High School Athletic Booster Club awarded 7 scholarships to deserving senior student athletes at the Spring Sports Banquet on May 13th. The scholarship committee evaluated 28 applications, including academic, extracurricular and athletic credentials, along with essays.


The following seniors received scholarship awards:

GRHS ABC Scholarship (Boy) $2000: Tsola Efejuku
GRHS ABC Scholarship (Girl) $2000: Jennifer Ellefson
GRHS ABC Scholarship (Boy) $2000: Michael Dzuik
GRHS ABC Scholarship (Girl) $2000: Haley Schulte
“Living the Dream” Scholarship (Boy) $1500: Chandler Heikkila
“Living the Dream” Scholarship (Girl) $1500: Ashley Cavazos
“Always Believe” Scholarship $1000: Kole Girard

Congratulations to our graduating student athletes and this year’s scholarship recipients!