George Ranch High School, Reading Jr. High School and Polly Ryon Middle School have partnered with Simply Rewards national fundraising company to do a maroon track fundraising campaign during the month of September. This program is designed to raise immediate funds through a 4- week fundraiser called Rewards 365. All Longhorn Nation students are asked to download the Rewards 365 mobile app, create an account using their assigned Group ID number, and then input email addresses of family, friends, and co-workers. If they did not receive one, use Athletics ID#RW1233X2328.

Emails are then sent to your contacts with a personalized request from your child, requesting a donation to the athletics program. Each donor also receives a membership to the Longhorn Nation Rewards website, as well as, $50 added to their Rewards travel account.

Each student has a goal of 30 email addresses to input and can share their donation request via text and social media. Even though this is a campus-wide fundraiser, the athletics department will directly benefit from this program. Please support your student by making sure they have joined a group and by helping them with collecting email addresses. Thank you for your support.

Please click the following link for the Athletics 365 Parent Instructions.